If you’re suffering from mental health challenges, finding a medication that works for you can be very difficult. The process often takes months of trying many different medications, just to see if one helps. 

With the painless PsychDX test, we explain how you respond to 92 drugs according to your unique DNA profile. With your PsychDX report your doctor will know which medications will work (and which ones could cause dangerous side effects) before they write a prescription.

Buy Kit - $250

Find the right medication for your mental health.

One in six Americans develop Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in their lifetime, but less than half of all people suffering from depression respond well to their first prescription medication. Without DNA testing, overall treatment failure rates exceed 50% - leaving 1 in 2 people to suffer unnecessarily. 

With PyschDX, you will learn:

  • How your body metabolizes 92 mental health medications

  • Which medications may cause negative side effects

  • Which medications may require higher or lower dosages


How it works

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Order a kit online for $350. We'll send it to your home.

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Talk to your doctor. Don’t have a doctor?

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Swab the inside of your cheek to gather your DNA sample.

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Send your sample back in the mail with a pre-filled label.

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We'll test your DNA and send you back your results.

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Review results with your doctor and make an informed plan for your health.

Who should take this test? 

If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, ADHD, epilepsy or related conditions, PsychDX can help your doctor avoid prescribing medications that wouldn't work for you or may cause serious side effects. A test through GnomeDX shortens the time it takes to find the right medication for you.

My mental health medication may not work for me?

One in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drug — mostly antidepressants. However, medications typically are only formulated to work in about 35-45% of the population and each person metabolizes these medications differently based on their genes. For everyone currently taking antidepressants, 38% are taking a completely ineffective medication - meaning they might as well be taking a sugar pill. Without DNA-guided medical care, people with depression who have a certain genetic profile can spend $4000-$6000 more per year on treatment, and stay an extra 2 days in the hospital on average.

How much does PsychDX cost?

Our pricing is simple - all tests require an upfront payment of $250.

Although initial online payment is required before the test can be processed, you can request to submit a claim to insurance or Medicare to be reimbursed. The forms required to submit to insurance are included in the GnomeDX kit and are labeled clearly. Once received, we will review your insurance information and GnomeDX will submit the claim to insurance. Like any other lab test, insurance coverage and reimbursement policies vary by plan and provider.

The GnomeDX PsychDX maximum self-pay price is $250.

What Medicines are covered?

The PsychDX test covers 92 various medications for mental health.

Types of medications include anti-ADHD agents, anticonvulsants, anti-dementia agents,  antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and other neurological medications.

The Science Of Testing

Read more about the science of genetic testing

Genes Included

The PsychDX test covers 12 genes