The CompleteDX polypharmacy test explains how your body processes over 150 different medications. This includes medications for cardiovascular, mental health, diabetes, pain, gastrointestinal, infection, rheumatology and urological treatments. Your CompleteDX results are meant to be added to your health plan, to keep you healthy now and in the future. 

To get the CompleteDX test, start by ordering a kit. 

Buy Kit - $250



How it works

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Order a kit online for $350. We'll send it to your home.

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Talk to your doctor. Don’t have a doctor?

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Swab the inside of your cheek to gather your DNA sample.

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Send your sample back in the mail with a pre-filled label.

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We'll test your DNA and send you back your results.

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Review results with your doctor and make a plan for your health.

Who should take the completeDX test?

At GnomeDX, we think the more you know, the healthier you'll be. The CompleteDX test is made for people who want a health plan to keep them safe now, during emergencies and in the future. This test covers multiple therapeutic areas, from cardiology to urology, making sure you have a holistic report. Your DNA results never change, so you're set for life. And if the field of genetic research uncovers any new information in the future, we'll update your report.  

With GnomeDX's CompleteDX test, you will learn:

  • How your body metabolizes 150 medications

  • Which medications may cause negative side effects

  • Which medications may require higher or lower dosages

Won't all medicines work for me?

Even though we would all like to think that any medication we try will work for us, most medications only work in 30%- 50% of people. When you take a medication it may work, may not work at all, or may cause negative side effect based on your DNA. The GnomeDX CompleteDX test sequences your DNA to report your unique response to medications.

The CompleteDX test gives you a holistic look at how your body will respond to medications for numerous ailments. 

How much does completeDX cost?

Our pricing is simple - all tests require an upfront payment of $250.

Although initial online payment is required before the test can be processed, you can request to submit a claim to insurance or Medicare to be reimbursed. The forms required to submit to insurance are included in the GnomeDX kit and are labeled clearly. Once received, we will review your insurance information and GnomeDX will submit the claim to insurance. Like any other lab test, insurance coverage and reimbursement policies vary by plan and provider.

The GnomeDX CompleteDX maximum self-pay price is $250.

What medicines are covered by completeDX?

The CompleteDX test covers 150 different medications.

You’ll be covered for a wide range of therapeutic areas- we test your response to cardiovascular, mental health, diabetes, pain, gastrointestinal, infections, rheumatology and urological drugs. 


Why does the CompleteDX test cost the same price?

At GnomeDX we are committed to bringing the most comprehensive care to you and your medical providers. We believe cost should never be a barrier. The CompleteDX test covers all drug responses included in the specialized tests, but does not cover any inherited disease risk.


The Science Of Testing

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Genes Included

CompleteDX covers 15 genes