Research Services

GnomeDX is a molecular biology CRO providing services in a CLIA lab environment. GnomeDX can provide clinical trial and other research support services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, including government institutions, foundations and universities.


Genomic DNA Services

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Nucleic Acid Isolations

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Gene Expression Analysis

Genomic DNA Services:

GnomeDX can determine the genetic variation in your samples. GnomeDX offers a set of validated assays and also provides validation services for additional assays of interest. 

  • Genotyping SNPs, Deletions/Insertions

    Validated assays/panels for the following genes: APO E CYP3A4, FKBP5, MTHFR, CYP1A2, CYP3A5, GRIK4, SLCO1B1, CYP2C9, COMT, HTR2A, UGT2B15, CYP2C19, Factor 2, HTR2C, VKORC1, CYP2D6, FV Leiden, ITGB3. Custom assays/panels: GnomeDX can provide validated genotyping services on client's genomic targets of interest.

    • Mid-throughput: 1 - 48 assays, up to 48 samples
    • High-throughput: 1 - 96 assays, up to 96 samples

  • Copy Number Analysis

    GnomeDX can determine the copy number of individual genes in your samples. GnomeDX offers a validated CNV Assay for CYP2D6 and can also validate any additional genes of interest. Validated CNV assays: CYP2D6 > RNASE P. Custom CNV assays/panels: GnomeDX can validate your gene of Interest.

    • Mid-throughput: 1 sample across 48 genes to 48 samples across 1 gene
    • High-throughput: 1 sample across 96 genes to 96 samples across 1 gene

  • Sample Identification / Fingerprinting

    Flaws in the identity and quality of biorepository specimens produce misleading experimental data that cost research labs millions of dollars in wasted resources, and in some cases to erroneous publications that damage reputations. GnomeDX can determine that your sample set consists of unique individuals. Cost-effective sample verification with a panel of 96 SNPs for biorepositories and research study samples.

    • Throughput: 1 sample to 96 samples across the SNP Identity Panel

  • Mutation Detection Services

    GnomeDX can help you detect somatic mutations in genes associated with cancer research.

    • Mid-throughput: 1 sample across 48 genes to 48 samples across 1 gene
    • High-throughput: 1 sample across 96 genes to 96 samples across 1 gene

Nucleic Acid Isolations:

GnomeDX can isolate Nucleic Acids from your samples for downstream processing. Our Nucleic Acid Extractions can be combined with sequencing, GWAS arrays, panels, or custom content products to provide you with an end-to-end solution for your study.

Genomic DNA isolation or total RNA (or miRNA) isolation from:

  • Buccal swabs

  • Fresh tissue

  • Frozen tissue

  • Tissue culture

  • FFPE

RNA Services:

GnomeDX can determine the gene expression in your samples. 

  • Gene Expression Analysis

    GnomeDX can determine gene expression differences in your samples with Real-Time PCR. GnomeDX can provide gene expression services on client's gene expression targets of interest. Custom panels of validated assays (Taqman).

    • Mid-throughput 1 - 48 assays, up to 48 samples
    • High-throughput 1 - 96 assays, up to 96 samples

  • Immuno-Oncololgy Response Analysis:

    Tumor gene expression has proven effective in measuring immune response during cancer progression and therapeutic response. GnomeDX can provide gene expression data on a select panel of genes representing tumor and immune response. Custom Panel of 170 genes, including 5 house-keeping genes.

    • Through-put: up to 96 samples

Advancing Personalized Medicine


In addition to pharmacogenetic testing, GnomeDX is also a biotechnology development company dedicated to research work directed to the better understanding of chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. We are committed to the development and testing of drugs that may benefit people with these chronic conditions using our expertise in protein detection and analysis.

We are in the early stages of translational research with a focus on Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Heart Disease.  Click on the links below for more information on Alzheimer’s disease research:

Reduced miR-512 and the elevated expression of its anti-apoptotic targets cFLIP and MCL1 localize to dysfunctional neurons in Alzheimer's disease.