How our DNA Tests work for your practice:

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1. Easy Ordering

Become a provider to request kits for your practice or have your patient order a kit online. Just choose which test to prescribe for your patient. View the test options.

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2. Clinical Testing

You or your patient can collect a buccal sample using the GnomeDX kit, then mail the kit back, on us. Our validated test is performed in our CLIA-certified lab.

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3. Actionable Results

Reports are sent via our HIPAA-compliant portal. Our reports help you prescribe genetically effective medications, and our clinical consultants are available for any questions.

One kit, one price, multiple DNA test options.


Have your patients order kits personally or request kits for your practice. Talk with your patient, then order the genetic test they need with the forms provided. One kit can be used for any test you choose, making it simple for you. All tests are the same price, $350, making it simple for your patients.


Laboratory results you can trust. 

We’re a CLIA-certified and HIPPA Compliant laboratory here to help you use your patient’s DNA to prescribe the safest, most effective medicine and dose for 150 medications. Our reports only use the highest level of evidence-based clinical recommendations available from trusted organizations such as CPIC and PharmGKB. 

Above all, we are committed to keeping your patient’s genetic information private and secure. We keep results between you and your patient.


Become a Provider.

Just fill out our online application and we'll send you kits for your practice, making it easy for you to order a test at any time. 

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