How Precision Medicine is Improving Patient Lives: Real Examples

"Navigating the murky waters of genomic testing and clinical trials in cancer care can be made easier when healthcare providers and informed patients work in tandem," (Schorr, Patient Power). This is the basis from which Andrew Schorr, cofounder and president of Patient Power, expands on the pieces in play that make precision medicine as successful as possible. 

At the 2017 Precision Medicine World Conference (Jan 23-25, Silicon Valley), Schorr's session featured the testimonies of stage 4 lung cancer patients, who - in concert with their own learning about individualized medicine, and the knowledge of the providers who cared for them - attested to the overwhelming positive outcome of precision medicine in heightening quality of life, even extending it. 

Please read more in the original article below from Managed Healthcare Executive on genomics testing as it relates to the care of individual cancer patients.