Safety and Efficacy Pharmacogenomics in Pediatric Psychopharmacology

The focus points of the original below highlight important findings about the implementation of pharmacogenomics in clinical practice:

"• Advances in pharmacogenomics have the potential to improve the quality of medical care for children at the level of the individual prescription.
• Nearly 80% of all drugs in use today, along with most psychotropics, are metabolized via testable metabolic pathways.
• Children and adolescents with metabolic polymorphisms may be at greater risk for adverse drug events than children with normal metabolism.
• Pediatric psychotropic prescribers must consider treatment-resistant patients as potential abnormal metabolizers."

It is with such conclusions that the field of PGx continues to rise in importance and prominence in clinical practice. Continue on to the article below from Primary Psychiatry for a greater look at PGx safety and efficacy as it relates to pediatrics.