3M Canada Funds Personalized Medicine at London's Hospitals

To support the advancement of precision medicine, Newswire (CNW) reports a $600,000 donation by 3M Canada to the London Health Sciences Center and St. Joseph's Health Care London. "The Personalized Medicine Program is focused on understanding the genetic differences between individuals and, in doing so, providing the right does of the right medicine at the right time for every patient." This show of support falls in a long and growing line of entities that, in the face of the transformative reality of personalized medicine, opt to financially back promising efforts for the further personalization of health care. "This 3M gift will help us transform the model of care, using personalized gene testing for precise diagnotics to increase patient safety and quality of care,' says LHSC President and CEO Murray Glendining. 'Dr. Kim's work also has the potential to reduce in-hospital stays by freeing up beds, improving patient flow and reducing treatment costs.'" Read more on the development of this donation by visiting the original article below.