Is Your Medicine Right for Your Metabolism?

"Testing patients for gene variation could avoid some of the 700,000 serious drug reactions in the U.S. each year...Proponents of the tests, which are done with a cheek swab, say they could also help doctors rely less on trial and error in choosing the right drug and the right dosage for individual patients.". Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal outlines, in this week's article, the increasing caution with which patients take certain medications, knowing that - depending on their DNA's ability to metabolize those drugs - that their reactions may range anywhere from ineffective to life-threatening. To address the issue, Beck details internists and patients alike who find that seeking personalized gene testing has changed their life dramatically, by either gaining insight into formerly asymptomatic patients or discovering a person's adverse reactions to common drugs such as Plavix or Zocor. Please visit the original article below for more details.