Gene Mutations May Increase Adverse Event Risk in Older Adults Taking Multiple Meds

"Gene mutations that affect drug metabolism may explain higher hospitalization rates for some older adults taking multiple medications, according to researchers from Columbia University,". In a healthcare landscape where 40 percent of older Americans - categorized as 65 or older - are quoted as taking at least five or more medications,  a recent pilot study took the phenomenon to the mat over patients' metabolization of these drugs. Many medication pathways are driven through certain genes, in which mutations can possibly lead to life-threatening consequences.

To further understand the potential connection between polypharmacy hospitalizations in U.S. seniors and their genes, Columbia University researchers led a small pilot study with age-matched, normal controls; the results were consistent with their hypothesis, in that those seniors with high hospitalization rates demonstrated genetic mutations that the control group did not exhibit. Please read more from the detailed publication below.