How Doctors Could One Day Use Your DNA to Cure You

Precision medicine is in full swing, transforming patient care by including individuals' genetic data within health care decisions. Cardiovascular, pain and psychotropic medicine are just a few of the spaces where clinical utility of PGx is present. Another vital space of the use of genetic data for patient care decisions is in the cancer space, as seen in the original article below. Eric Dishman - once cancer-stricken for 20 years - is now the head of the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program at the National Institutes of Health, after the sequencing of his genomic data led to life-saving decisions by his doctors. "As research like this pinpoints links between genetic variation and disease, doctor's could some day look up a patient's DNA and use it to prescribe custom treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more." Dishman, as head of the 1-million volunteer program, hopes that they will help in discovering more markers that lead to increasingly  tailored and successful treatments. 

"And that would make the survival equation a little less luck and a lot more science."