21st Century Cures Act for Precision Medicine Set for House Vote

The Precision Health Initiative, as well as the Cancer Moonshot, boasts the heavy involvement of both the National Institutes of Health and the FDA as driving forces in the outfitting of an 'ecosystem' characterized by widespread cutting-edge research and big data analytics (Bresnick).  On November 30th, the current House of Representative will cast a vote concerning the 21st Century Cures Act for Precision Medicine that will infuse the personalized medicine climate with a $6.3 billion funding package. 

The bill previously passed in July 2015 with flying colors, according to Health IT Analytics, and features legislation predominantly centered on mental health and infrastructure surrounding the successful implementation of personalized medicine. It is said to be patient-focused, innovative, and a game-changer, propelling current precision medicine efforts into a new stage. The bill has garnered bipartisan support. Please read more below on the specifics of this monumental legislature as featured in the original article below.