An Illustrator Who Balances Art and Medicine

Have you ever heard about the profession of Medical Illustration? If not, it's understandable; Medical Illustrators comprise a niche group of individuals who fill the gap between medicine and communication of complex ideas, brought to life through visuals. Highly educated in both the life sciences and visual arts, Medical Illustrators are likely responsible for images we see often, and skillfully communicate to broad audiences the need-to-know about complicated science.

Personalized medicine benefits greatly from the expertise of Medical Illustrators, who are relied upon to communicate this leading-edge field of patient care by artistically rendering health concepts on the molecular, DNA-based level. Such tools are used to educate both patients and care providers alike on the interplay between many factors in precision medicine. The original article below, we are proud to say, features our own Meredith Osborn, a Medical Illustrator who is putting her expertise to use for Gnome Diagnostics!