Will Genetic Testing Make You Anxious?

Discovering that one has a genetic mutation predisposing them to a certain disease would then be thought to surely usher in negative emotional after effects. But does it in actuality? 

In an illuminating piece, "Will Genetic Testing Make You Anxious?", on the resilience of the human mind when faced with negative news (or the possibility thereof), Charlotte Huff of Genome Magazine articulates that individuals seeking genetic testing "interpret the findings through their own highly individual prism of life experiences, social support, family circumstances, and emotional makeup." 

Highlighting examples on both sides, more often that not the conclusion seems to be that increased knowledge of one's genetic makeup and perhaps mutations and/or variants lend to taking a front seat to one's own health, seizing life more richly and with increased meaning. Though unique individuals are inherently inclined to have unique experiences of the knowledge of their genes, including levels of anxiety, it remains encouraging to the field of Personalized Medicine to see the reception of genetic data by interested patients. 

Read more personal accounts of the effects of genetic testing in the article below.