Pharmacogenomics Gains More Traction

"Right now I'd be surprised if there was any clinical center in the U.S. that hasn't at least evaluated whether pharmacogenomics is going to be useful." - Dr. Howard McLeod

As pharmacogenetics exits the "hype stage", current data and clinically actionable results encourage the widespread use of the complimentary science in daily patient care decisions. Already in use at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, patients are routinely tested for four genes that potentially affect the gene-drug interaction of 12 drugs; if a high-risk patient - having been tested - were then to be prescribed one of the applicable drugs, an alert would be brought to the prescribing clinician by the patient's EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and suggest alternative courses of action. Read more on the utility of this concept-turned-science-turned-practice in this illuminating account of the potential and use of pharmacogenomics. 


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