We work with your physician to find the right drug and dose for you.

 People icons lined up but one is different than the others

"because medicine starts with me."

We think medicine should be about you. We don't all look the same, we don't all live the same way and we don't all respond to medicine the same. We're a CLIA-certified laboratory committed to advancing personalized medicine.  Our genetic tests help your doctor prescribe the safest, most effective medicine and dose based on your unique profile. Our panel can also screen for inherited disease risk, promoting early detection and prevention. We work with you and your doctor to improve and customize your care.

it's simple

Genetic testing sounds painful and expensive, but it's not! Collecting your DNA for the test is just with a cotton swab in your mouth.  In most cases, Medicare and private insurance companies cover the costs when the panel test is recommended by your physician. And, don't forget, your results are confidential