Patient FAQs

Who is GnomeDX? 

Gnome Diagnostics is a CLIA-certified laboratory committed to advancing personalized medicine to help physicians customize patient care. The Gnome PGx Panels were developed based on research by leading scientists, certified physicians and pathologists to ensure the safest and most effective recommendations for prescribing medication and assessing cardiovascular risk.

What exactly does Gnome do?

Gnome Diagnostics provides personalized genetic testing services to clinicians. In particular, our test results allow clinicians to understand each patient's individual genetic profile, providing information on how well the patient can metabolize certain drugs. The GnomeDX report offers guidelines on how to deliver the optimal dose to each and every patient, maximizing efficiency and minimizing side effects.

What is personalized medicine?

The term "personalized medicine" is often described as providing "the right patient with the right drug at the right dose at the right time." More broadly, personalized medicine (also known as precision medicine) may be thought of as the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics, needs, and preferences of a patient during all stages of care - including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

What are the benefits?

Individualized genetic data can be used to develop a personalized treatment plan for patients. These results enable the physician to develop a personalized plan for improving patient health. Tailoring specific drugs to individual patients decreases SADRs, improves therapeutic outcomes, and decreases cost to your patient.

Is my genetic information confidential? 

Yes, only you and your doctor will see your results! Genetic discrimination is illegal under the GINA Act. 

What is the GINA Act?

The GINA Act (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) passed by congress in 2008 prohibits employers or insurance companies from using your genetic information to discriminate against you. 

What is the process of getting tested?

You will need to buy a kit, or your doctor will need to request some for their office. Inside the kit is everything needed to complete the test. You need to have the inside of your cheek swabbed to collect your DNA sample. Your DNA sample will be sent back to us, free of charge, and we will process your sample. After 5-7 days your doctor will receive your report and they will discuss the results with you. 

Where does your clinician get the test kits?

Depending on the location of the practice, the test kits can either be delivered personally by GnomeDX or shipped next day by FedEx.

Who administers the cheek swab?

The sample test kits contain simple instructions for collection. The patient, nurse or qualified staff may perform the test in the physician’s office or the patient may be given instructions to come to our office in Powell, Ohio for collection.

Where do they get training?

GnomeDX will provide both a short demonstration and training materials.

Will the cheek swab hurt?

No, not at all. It's just rubbing a cotton swab on the inner part of your cheek.  

How does your doctor return the kits?

A GnomeDX courier will be sent or the kit can be shipped using a simple pre-filled FedEx label.

How long does it take to get results back to my doctor?

Within 5-7 business days after sample receipt. You and your doctor should arrange when you will discuss the results. 

What form do the results come in? 

The results will be delivered via a HIPAA-compliant physician portal in an easy-to-read patient report to your doctor. 

Who reads the results?

The physician can review and discuss the results, interpretations and implications with the you.  Genetic counseling is available to your physician upon request.

Are the results easy for a doctor to read/understand?

Yes, the results and interpretations are written in a clear, easy to understand format.

How much is it going to cost to get the test kits?

The test kits will be delivered to your doctor at no cost.

How much will it cost me?

Please visit our billing page.  If there are any questions please call our office at 614-431-6414.

What are the benefits to your physician's practice?

Tailoring specific drugs to individual patients decreases SADRs, improves therapeutic outcomes, and decreases cost to both your patients and your practice. Our test panel also evaluates inherited risk for cardiac disease, allowing you to better monitor and treat patients. These results enable you to develop a personalized plan for improving patient health.

How can the test results benefit your health?

Each person has their own unique combination of genetic variations. Gnome Diagnostics provides a test focused on determining the genetic variation status of an individual's drug metabolism genes and inherited risk of cardiac disease allowing clinicians to develop a personalized plan for health. The results from the Gnome PGx Panels can improve the overall health and outcome for patients, minimize risk and side effects from prescription drugs, and help reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

How much will your clinician need to do?

The sample is collected using a simple buccal swab collection kit.  After explaining the benefits to the patient, a nurse or assistant may collect the cheek swab, allowing the doctor to continue with patient appointments.