Personalized medicine made affordable  

Our pricing is simple - all tests require an upfront payment of $350.

The good news is your genes don't change. The results from our panels will remain valid for your lifetime.Although initial online payment is required before the test can be processed, you can request to submit a claim to insurance or Medicare to be reimbursed. The forms required to submit to insurance are included in the GnomeDX kit and are labeled clearly. Once received, we will review your insurance information and GnomeDX will submit the claim to insurance. Like any other lab test, insurance coverage and reimbursement policies vary by plan and provider. Make sure to talk to your provider about their pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing policies. For your convenience, below is a list of codes to check your insurance eligibility. Each code corresponds to a gene in our panel.   

Billing questions 

For the quickest response to your payment questions please contact us at:

 Phone: 614-431-6414