It's Simple


Ask your doctor to order a GnomeDX panel test.  Just print our introduction letter! 



Use our kit and simply brush the inside of your cheek with the provided cotton swabs.


We send your results straight to your doctor! See our sample report here

Introduce us to your doctor! 

Just print our letter out:

Is the drug you're taking on this list? 

If it is talk to your doctor about a GnomeDX panel test! 

Is a GnomeDX panel test for you?

Are you concerned about your response to prescription drugs?

Do you want to know about your health risks?

Do you want to know what drugs are dangerous for you?

Are you concerned by your family medical history?

Are you having surgery?

Do you have cardiac disease?

Do you have high cholesterol?

Do you have hypertension?

Do you have thrombosis?

Do you have atherosclerotic disease?

Do you have hyperlipoproteinemia III (HLP III)?

*this is not an all inclusive list


if you said yes to 1 of these,

 then a GnomeDX panel is for you!