The Comprehensive Test


Our Corporate Wellness Program tests your employees for our Comprehensive Panel. This panel covers cardiovascular disease risk and drug metabolism of over 180 prescription medications. Whether your employees are taking medications now or not, the results are vital for emergency situations and the future saving money, time and lives. 

Testing is Simple


 GnomeDX will introduce all your employees to personalized medicine onsite and take them through the collection process step by step. 


Our test is as easy as brushing your teeth. Your employees will use the provided swabs to gently gather their cells on their inside of their cheek. 


We send your employees' results to who they consent to. Employers don't see results (GINA Act), just the benefits in their health! 

Medications the Comprehensive test covers:

21 genes that report on cardiovascular disease risk and metabolism of over 180 drugs. Above, each gene we test is listed with a commonly associated condition or medication. For the all inclusive list of medications covered in the Comprehensive panel click here. 

 Are your employees:

concerned about their response to prescription drugs?

concerned about their health risks?

wanting to know what drugs are dangerous for them?

concerned by their family medical history?

 having surgery?

have cardiac disease?


 have high cholesterol?

 have hypertension?

have thrombosis?

have atherosclerotic disease?

 have hyperlipoproteinemia III (HLP III)?

want to be proactive about their healthcare? 

taking a drug on this list: