There's a science to your employee health.

Weight loss, more sleep, coaching, stress management, fitness tracking and cholesterol monitoring are all great for your employees' wellness. However, we know wellness is personal - and it doesn't get more personal than DNA. An employee's DNA can tell them actionable risk factors, safe medications and effective doses unique to them for use now and in the future. Sounds complicated, but we provide your company with a simple testing program from start to finish. 

We know it's the inside that counts. 

When you know your genetics: 


Know Yourself.

Eating right is critical to wellness, but there’s nothing more important than what your genes can tell you. 

Gnome Diagnostics (DX) is a CLIA-certified laboratory committed to advancing personalized medicine. Our genetic tests help physicians prescribe the safest and most effective medicine and dose based on an individual’s unique genetic profile. In addition, our tests screen for inherited cardiovascular disease risk, promoting early detection and prevention. 

Staying healthy means saving money.

We want to keep you and your wallet healthy. Many people don’t respond to their medications. For example, 40% of people with cardiac arrhythmias and 38% of people suffering from depression are taking ineffective medication. Additionally, adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States and account for $136 billion in health care costs annually.1,3

Experts estimate that ~$300 billion is wasted annually on medication that doesn't work because of a person's genetic factors. Another $51 billion is wasted annually because of mental health related absenteeism and lost productivity. Our genetic test addresses both concerns by assessing each individual's medication response and inherited risk factors. With this information, your employees can make tailored dietary, lifestyle and medication changes.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing reduces ADRs, improves drug efficacy, and increases a person's adherence by reducing side effects. Research confirms that those benefits add up to significant cost savings for you and your company.

The benefits of wellness: