Advancing Personalized Medicine


In addition to pharmacogenetic testing, GnomeDX is also a biotechnology development company dedicated to research work directed to the better understanding of chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease and to the development and testing of drugs that may benefit people with these conditions using our expertise in DNA/RNA and protein detection and analysis.

We are in the early stages of translational research with a focus on Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Heart Disease.  Click on the links below for more information on Alzheimer’s disease research:

Reduced miR-512 and the elevated expression of its anti-apoptotic targets cFLIP and MCL1 localize to dysfunctional neurons in Alzheimer's disease

EGFR and MET receptor tyrosine kinase-altered microRNA expression induces tumorigenesis and gefitinib resistence in lung cancers

Reovirus-associated reduction of microRNA-let-7d is related to the increased apoptotic death of cancer cells in clinical samples

MicroRNAs/TP53 feedback circuitry in glioblastoma multiforme