Who we are:

a personalized medicine company specializing in genetic testing to optimize patient care

Our laboratory is CLIA-certified and follows Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) guidelines to ensure the integrity of every result and provide the industry's most trusted tests for patients. Our results provide clinically actionable data for both medication management and inherited disease risk.



What we do:

 provide personalized genetic testing results to clinicians 

Our unique approach has been designed specifically to customize and improve patient care. The results of our tests offer guidelines on how to provide the optimal drug and dosage to each patient based on an individual's unique genetic profile, maximizing treatment efficacy and minimizing side effects. In addition, our panel screens for inherited disease risk, promoting early detection and prevention. 



Why we do it:

because we know we're not all the same 

Each person has their own unique combination of genetic variations. Some genetic differences control hair or eye color, but others control susceptibility to disease or individual drug response. Since we are all different, we believe there should never be a “blanket” drug or dose. 

Our goal is to improve the treatment outcomes for patients, minimize risk and side effects from prescription drugs, and help reduce the overall cost of healthcare.