DNA testing for your health and medication response.

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Order the Kit

Just order the GnomeDX kit to your home, then visit your doctor who must prescribe a GnomeDX test for you.

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Swab and Send

Simply follow the kit instructions to swab your cheek - no needles involved. Then mail the kit and prescription back, on us. 

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Get Your Results

We’ll send the report to you and your doctor so you can talk about what medicines are best for you, based on your genetics. 

Buy Kit - $350
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Medicines don’t work the same for everyone.

In fact, most medications only work the way they are intended to in 30-50% of people. Not everyone’s genes are exactly the same, which can cause people to respond to medications differently. Depending on how your body breaks down medications, certain drugs may work, may not work at all, or may cause negative side effects. Our tests can help your doctor prescribe the safest, most effective medicine and dose for you as an individual. Since the test is based on your DNA, the results are completely unique to you and your health needs.

Your doctor will prescribe the best DNA test for you.

GnomeDX offers 4 different genetic tests. Unlike other genetic tests, our clinical DNA tests must be prescribed by a doctor. Order a kit and ask your doctor which test is medically best for you. All tests are the same price, $350, making it simple for both you and your doctor. What if you don’t have a doctor? Contact us.


The certified laboratory you can trust.

Some DNA tests are for ancestry or for fun, but our tests are for your doctor to improve and customize your care. We’re a CLIA-certified laboratory here to help your doctor use your DNA to prescribe the safest, most effective medicine and dose for 150 medications. Our reports only use the highest level of evidence-based clinical recommendations available from trusted organizations such as CPIC and PharmGKB. 

Above all, we are committed to keeping your genetic information private and secure. We only share your results with you and your doctor.